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Why Is an Unknown Alias Showing Up on My Background Check?

Why Is an Unknown Alias Showing Up on My Background Check?

Have you ever imagined someone running a background check on you, only to find a mysterious alias that you have no recollection of using? Well, the truth is, this background check mistake is more common than you may think. Here’s what you need to know about this common yet damaging error, and what you should do to fix it.


Why Is a Mysterious Alias on My Background Check?

Discovering an unknown alias on your background check can be a shocker. You know your name, right? How can a name you don’t recognize be attached to your records? Don’t panic just yet, as there’s a good chance that it’s a mistake on someone else’s part. It’s common practice for credit bureaus or other records services to mistype Social Security numbers, wrongly associating unrelated records with your info.

The background checking agency should have caught this error before submitting your report. If they didn’t, there might be a breach of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which is a federal regulation governing background checks. Identity theft could also be the cause of the mysterious alias. While rare, it is a possibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. No matter the reason behind the discrepancy, it’s an error you need to investigate and fix promptly.


You Have Rights Under the FCRA

If you’ve noticed a mysterious alias on your background check, you might be wondering what to do and how this even got on your record. Then, you remember that this is precisely why you (or a potential employer) paid for a background check—to ensure that everything on there is accurate. It shouldn’t be your responsibility to catch these mistakes—that’s why the agency was hired.

If information on your background check is incorrect, you have rights. Rather than doing it alone, it’s best to work with consumer attorneys—like the team at Boss Law—who can work on your behalf. If you find yourself dealing with a background check mistake, here’s how we help:

  • Step 1: We investigate the mistakes and the extent of the errors.
  • Step 2: We submit a dispute with the background check company on your behalf.
  • Step 3: We seek damages on your behalf under the Fair Credit Reporting Act for any harm the error has caused you, whenever applicable.


If You’re a Victim of a Background Check Mistake, Boss Law Can Help

Background check mistakes can result in job loss, missed opportunities, and other negative consequences. Even one simple error—like a mysterious alias—can have serious consequences for your future. Luckily, the team of consumer attorneys at Boss Law is standing by to help. We know what it takes to correct these damaging errors and pursue compensation on your behalf, whenever applicable. Call us today at (727) 877-3188 for your no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

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