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Helping Clients Fix Their Credit Reports To Increase Your Sales

The American dream is to own a home…..but 1 in 5 Americans have credit errors – information that is not accurate – on their credit reports. These errors create mortgage denials and kill the dream of home ownership.

Boss Law has helped borrowers in all areas of consumer protection law for nearly 15 years. We have helped countless clients get the loans they need by fixing credit report errors in as little as 30 days.

If you’re a real estate agent or loan officer, having a reputable law firm on your side will increase your closing rate and same your client’s dream of home ownership.

Why We Are Different:

Unlike credit repair companies, we DO NOT charge upfront fees for fixing the credit report. If your client’s report contains errors —  we help them dispute the errors directly with the credit bureaus — FOR FREE.

If the error is not fixed – we file lawsuits against the credit bureaus. The goal of the lawsuit is to get the errors deleted and recover monetary damage for the client.

The best news for your client – we only get paid if we win.

Our consultations are ALWAYS FREE.

Look Out For Errors!

Credit reports are often full of damaging inaccuracies, dangerous errors and outdated information that contribute to mortgage loan denials. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), more than half of all credit reports contain some kind of mistake, and up to one reports in fivehas at least one critical error.

However, buyers looking for a mortgage have several rights that can be enforced whenever they want to fix or dispute their credit reports. The FTC found that a much larger percentage of these errors get fixed when litigation is filed by a competent lawyer.

Some common credit report errors are:

  • Mixed file errors: Someone else’s information is appearing on your client’s report;
  • Inaccurate Foreclosure/Short Sale/Bankruptcy data;
  • Old accounts
  • Old debt
  • Identity theft

Our Legal Team Is Here For You And Your Clients,

At Boss Law we understand that getting the deal closed is the biggest priority for your clients. We care about fast results.

Our legal team is here to assist you and your clients get the loan they deserve. We have fought tirelessly to protect the rights of countless consumers and remember — WE ONLY GET PAID IF WE WIN!.

We take cases throughout Florida and Nationwide – Call us today at (855)-203-5328,


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