Real Estate Investing in Florida: Key Documents You’ll Need to Have

It’s no secret the real estate market in Florida is booming. It takes a blend of savvy investment strategies and an acute awareness of real estate law to make the most of this competitive yet rewarding market. Whether you’re buying your dream home or selling a prized property, being prepared with the right documents is crucial to a smooth and legally compliant closing process. Here are the essential documents you’ll need to ensure your next real estate venture in the Sunshine State is both rewarding and secure.

For the Seller: Ensuring a Smooth Handover

Selling a property involves a series of critical documents to not only finalize the sale but also to protect your interests. Here are the key documents Florida sellers should prepare:

● Closing Affidavit. This document confirms that all statements made during the closing process are accurate, acting as a final check before the transaction is completed.

● Compliance and Tax Proration Agreement. This document details how taxes are prorated and ensures compliance with local regulations, providing clarity on financial responsibilities.

● 1099-S. For reporting the sale of real estate to the IRS, ensuring that all tax obligations are transparent and accounted for.

● Warranty Deed. The most common document for transferring property ownership in Florida, offering guarantees about the property’s title and ensuring a clear transfer of rights.

● Wire Authorization. This permits the transfer of funds electronically, streamlining the financial transactions involved in the closing process.

● FIRPTA Acknowledgment. Addresses tax implications for foreign sellers, ensuring compliance with the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act.

● Settlement Statement/ALTA. A detailed breakdown of all financial transactions and fees involved in the closing process, providing both parties with a clear understanding of the costs.

For the Buyer: Protecting Your Investment

Buyers, on the other hand, need to be prepared with their set of documents to ensure their rights are protected and the property is legally transferred. Here’s what buyers should have:

● Foreign Buyer Affidavit. If applicable, this confirms the buyer’s status and addresses any specific requirements for foreign investors.

● Compliance and Tax Proration Agreement & Settlement Statement/ALTA. Like sellers, buyers will also need these documents to understand their financial responsibilities and the breakdown of the closing costs.

● Lender Package. For financed transactions, buyers will receive a package from their lender containing the loan estimate, promissory note, and mortgage documents, detailing the terms of the loan and the buyer’s obligations.

Universal Documents: The Foundation of Trust

Regardless of whether you’re buying or selling, certain documents are foundational to the transaction:

● Title Commitment. Issued early in the closing process, this document outlines the conditions under which a title insurance policy will be provided, ensuring the property’s title is clear and insurable.

● Lien Search. A comprehensive search performed to uncover any existing liens against the property, providing peace of mind and protecting the buyer from unforeseen claims.

● Affidavits. In real estate closings, an affidavit—or sworn statement confirming the accuracy of information—covers various assurances, including the absence of liens, disputes, or unresolved contractor bills. For properties owned by an LLC or Trust, an LLC or Trust Affidavit serves to confirm the legal authority of certain individuals to make decisions and transactions on behalf of these entities. It ensures all actions taken regarding the property are legally valid and binding.

Hire an Expert Real Estate Closing Attorney in Florida

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