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Dealing With a Credit Report Mistake?

Mixed or Merged Credit Report Attorney

It might not always seem like it, but credit reports were designed to help consumers out in the long run. Credit reports are sent to creditors at different lending organizations and companies, giving details about an individual’s personal credit history and context. They are designed to establish your honest and reliable character, and to demonstrate that you have strong creditworthiness, proven by your ability to pay your debts on time.

Credit bureaus such as Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion act each have their unique databases where they store information about you. Unfortunately, even the most cautious of credit report teams can occasionally make tiny mistakes when processing your specific forms, or mix up your identities to create inaccurate reports. Our consumer protection attorneys at Boss Law can help fix these credit errors before they cost you any more time or effort.

How Do Mixed Credit Reports Occur?

One of the worst nightmares for a consumer trying to get a credit report accepted occurs when there is a mix-up of files. This often occurs because of a simple logistical error or typo by a creditor or credit reporting agency. Some of the common reasons for mixed credit files include:

Creditors can misspell names or addresses
Consumers sometimes use different names for different accounts (such as maiden names or nicknames)
Consumers with multiple addresses can cause confusion for bureaus
Some agencies may accidentally merge a file with someone who has a similar name. We have seen countless cases where someone else’s information became attached to another person's credit report because both people had similar birthdays, names, addresses, or even social security numbers.

It is even more difficult to correct these mixed files because the dispute resolution process is automated and hundreds of thousands of disputes get outsourced all over the world. In order to get the issue resolved, you must dispute the error and ultimately may have to file a lawsuit.

The Dangers of Mistaken Credit Reports

Even though a mistake on your credit report had nothing to do with you, unfortunately you are the one who will suffer.

Just a few of the problems that could occur from an error on your credit report include:

  • Missing information could prevent the timely filing of your updated credit report.
  • Misinformation could result in a poor credit score.
  • Your credit report might show that you defaulted on payments, making creditors unwilling to lend to you.
  • You might be forced to take a higher interest rate.
  • You might be required to pay a larger advance or fee.
  • Your credit application could be denied.
What Can You Do to Fix a Mixed File?

It is a very arduous, though necessary, process to attempt to resolve a mixed file. First, you need proof that you are not the person listed on the credit file. However, because CRAs receive so many disputes, they simply do not have the resources or time to fact-check your information and correct it.

Our mixed file credit report attorneys can help you:

  • File a formal dispute letter with every CRA that contains the incorrect data.
  • Seek damages from the agencies to compensate you for the stress and financial damage the errors have caused you

Obtain counsel from one of our mixed file lawyers in St. Petersburg who will work with you to file a lawsuit to correct the credit error and help you get the justice you deserve.

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