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Identity theft has become a major problem, especially as the cyber age continues to develop, giving hackers access to our personal information with a simple click. In fact, more than 13 million Americans have suffered from identity theft and have watched helplessly as their credit was damaged due to stolen information and incurred debts.

If you’re feeling trapped and helpless because someone stole your identity, our firm wants to hear from you. By contacting our identity theft attorneys at Boss Law, you can get aggressive help today.

Our central goal is to defend your rights, no matter what.

If you have not received any bills through the mail
If you received credit cards that you did not apply for
If you have been receiving calls from debt collectors for debts you do not have
If you have received inquiries from businesses about services you did not purchase

If you have noticed any of the above, make sure that you investigate further to verify whether it is a simple mistake, or if someone has misused your identity for their personal gain.

Just a few of the ways identity theft can impact you include:

How Identity Theft Can Affect Your Life

There are so many adverse effects of having your identity stolen. One of the biggest consequences is a lower credit score, making it even more challenging to restore good credit to your name.

Hurting your career and job prospects
Decreasing the speed of your tax refund
Making your insurance for your vehicles rise exponentially
Getting unexpected tax bills
Incurring a criminal conviction
Negatively affecting your credits for Social Security Income
Destroying other opportunities for public or private financial aid
How to Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft is not a crime you typically see coming. It occurs suddenly and unexpectedly.

Victims typically don’t find out about the theft until the massive bills start arriving, at which point the use of their identity has already had a severely negative impact on their credit report.

Therefore, the best way to prevent identity theft is by taking a proactive course of detection and safeguarding.

You can proactively defend your identity by:

Shredding important receipts and documents with personal information, like social security numbers, credit card information, or bank account numbers.

Don’t openly discuss personal information about your finances in a place where you can be overheard, and do not send sensitive information through email.

Don’t open emails from strangers. Because the internet is such a dangerous hub for hackers, make sure you avoid opening, reading, or downloading attachments and files from contacts you do not know personally. Even an innocent looking email could have malware that secretly gathers important information. To help protect your computer, you should regularly update your device with a software that builds antivirus walls.

What to Do If Your Identity Has Been Stolen

Once your identity has been stolen, you need the aid of a supportive identity theft lawyer to get you back on track.

Your credit report will show you as having a poor credit score if there are outstanding, fraudulent charges made by someone who stole your identity. When you notice suspicious activity on your credit reports, we can help you put a fraud alert on your report to make sure identity thieves cannot access it.

Our attorneys can also help you freeze your credit and remove fraudulent information reported during the theft.

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