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Contacting the Credit Bureau

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Contacting Credit Bureaus

Do You Need Help Reaching the Three Credit Bureaus?

Are you tired of trying to reach Equifax ((888) 548-7878), Experian ((888) 397-3742), and TransUnion ((800) 916-8800), only to keep running into hurdles and roadblocks that prevent you from filing a claim? If so, our reputable and reliable credit report dispute lawyers at Boss Law can help you cut through the noise and take action to dispute and repair credit reporting mistakes that are impacting your finances and holding you back from the life you want to build for yourself and your loved ones.

The reality is, calling any of the three major credit bureaus to inquire about a credit reporting issue leaves you with only three options:

  1. The first option is logging on to the credit bureau website, creating an account, and then file a dispute online. Unfortunately, this option tends to go into a void, or you get denied and have to repeat the entire process all over again.
  2. The second option is to mail a formal, post-office-certified dispute letter to the credit bureau. However, this option also tends to have the same outcome that sends consumers through an endless loop.
  3. The third option is calling the direct line of the credit bureau and waiting on hold for an unknown amount of time until you can finally speak with an outsourced support team that has no power to actually help with your credit reporting issue. The support team will just take notes and say someone will contact you at a later date. When that person does contact you, it’s usually to say your claim was denied, which means you have to rinse and repeat.

The worst part is you often end up waiting around for about 45 days to find out you were denied, and then, you must start everything over. Before you waste countless hours on the phone or sitting at a computer filling out online forms, reach out to Boss Law first so we can review your situation and help move your case in the right direction. We proudly represent consumers of all backgrounds in a wide range of credit reporting issues, and we are prepared to put our skills and legal insight to work for you.

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