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Background Check Mistakes

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Fixing Background Check Mistakes

Did you know that up to 41% of background checks may contain errors? That is a very scary statistic when 73% of employers require background screenings when interviewing candidates for a job. If you discover that you’ve been a victim of a background check mistake, our team at Boss Law is here to help. Since 2005, we’ve helped our clients with a variety of consumer protection issues, including background check mistakes. If you need help, we can use our legal knowledge and resources to help protect your interests.

Why It is Crucial to Dispute Incorrect Credit Reports

How does this background check error happen? There are a variety of reasons that can explain how background check errors can occur:

Mistaken identity. Reports can get “mixed” between two people – usually because those people have similar names or social security numbers.

Identity theft. Thieves can use your personal information to open credit cards and ruin your credit. In many cases, you won’t even realize you are the victim of identity theft until it’s too late.

Incorrect criminal record. The most common background check error occurs when someone with NO criminal record gets their file mixed with someone who DOES have a criminal record. This is very concerning because 65 million Americans have a criminal record, (nearly 1 in 5), which means the chances of being confused with someone else with a criminal record is significant.

So, if you find yourself dealing with a background check mistake, what can you do?

Investigating the mistakes and the extent of the errors
Submitting a dispute with the background check company that committed the error
Seeking damages on your behalf under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) for harm the error has caused you

If you were the victim of a background check mistake, there are several things you can do to protect yourself. While you should certainly get in touch with an experienced attorney, you can also take additional precautions. Below, we offer a few tips following a background check mistake.

Protecting Your Interests

If you have been denied a job because of mistakes on your background check, we encourage you to reach out to our team at Boss Law for a free consultation. When you call our firm, you will always speak with an attorney — and if we take your case, there are no fees or costs unless we win against the employer and background companies.

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