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Credit Report Mistakes

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Credit Report Mistake Lawyers

We Represent Consumers Dealing with Credit Report Errors and Inaccuracies throughout the U.S.

Credit reports are often full of dangerous inaccuracies that could damage your reputation and life, and filing a dispute is sometimes the only option. Otherwise, you might be unfairly denied of credit, or even valuable job opportunities. By law, you are entitled to request that any incorrect information is amended or removed, yet creditors often refuse to do so, forcing you to file a lawsuit. If your credit report is full of errors and damaging inaccuracies, call our credit report mistake attorneys today. Based in Florida but serving clients nationally, the FCRA and credit dispute lawyers at Boss Law can help clear your credit report from any mistake, put your creditors’ back to the wall, and collect a fair and just compensation.

Why It is Crucial to Dispute Incorrect Credit Reports

When the information contained in your credit report is outdated, incomplete, or just erroneous, your entire life could be affected. You may incur severe financial losses, find difficulties in qualifying for work, or even get your mortgage, loans, insurance, or credit card requests refused.
While more than half of all credit reports contain some kind of mistake, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) found that one report in five had some major error – with over 26% of them being so serious that they resulted in the denial of an application for housing, credit, or employment. More than 43,000 consumers per year file a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Most of the reports still remain incorrect even after a dispute is filed. However, the FTC also found that a much larger percentage of these errors get fixed when consumers initiate litigation via an attorney who experienced with credit report disputes.

The Most Common Credit Report Errors

Because those working in credit report agencies are human, there are often understandable, though not excusable, mistakes in their work. You need to be aware of these to ensure that you catch them before they have devastating consequences.

Our Legal Team Is Here for You

Here at Boss Law, we want to assist you with any legal issues you may face with respect to your credit reports. Our FCRA attorneys fight tirelessly to protect the rights of countless consumers, and we never turn down even the most difficult case. Our vast and versatile knowledge and experience with credit reports allows us to determine the best course of action for you and ultimately build a successful case. Whether you’re in Texas, New Jersey, or right in our back yard of Tampa Bay, Florida, let our credit report mistake lawyers help you build your case and resolve your credit report errors. Our Florida-based credit report dispute attorneys help clients nationwide.

How We Protect Your Rights

To safeguard your rights, the U.S. Government established a federal law known as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This statute requires companies to adhere to strict guidelines whenever they collect and use consumer information, or share it with third parties such as financial institutions, credit card companies, auto finance companies, collection agencies, or mortgage lenders. All of the three major largest consumer credit reporting agencies (CRAs) in the U.S. (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax) must comply with the FCRA to ensure that all of the information included in your credit report is accurate.

Under the FCRA, you have several rights to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your credit file. Every time a company violates the rights established by the FCRA, you can sue them to receive a fair and just compensation.

Some of the FCRA litigation services we can help you with include:

  • Mixed File
  • Identity Theft
  • Background Check Mistakes
  • Fixing Credit Report Errors After Bankruptcy
  • Dispute Letters
Our FCRA lawyers can assist with any of the following:

Request a copy of your credit report – You can request a free copy of your credit report every twelve months from each CRA.

File a Dispute Letter – If you believe any of the information in your credit report is inaccurate, you should notify the CRA via a written letter and clearly identify each item of dispute. Our Fair Credit Reporting Act attorneys can help you write and submit this letter so it won’t be rejected or ignored by the CRA.

Dispute the Investigation – All CRAs must investigate all disputes within 30 days of receipt and then have the results forwarded to you so you can review them. If you do not agree with their investigation results, you can dispute them until your report is updated with the correct information.

Deal with the Post-Investigation Phase – After the investigation, if any changes have been made to your credit report, the CRA must send notification of all those corrections to anyone who received a copy of your credit report in the last six months, or two years if a copy of the report was sent for employment purposes. Our attorneys can ensure that every step of this process is completed correctly.

Frequent Mistakes Found on a Credit Report Include:

Late or missed payments
Tax and judgment liens that you have paid correctly
False account statements such as being stated as a cosigner
Delinquent account that is at least seven years old or more, etc.
Incorrect credit information, including accounts, are listed as open even if you closed them
Incorrect inquiry information such as unauthorized accesses to your private information
Incomplete or incorrect personal information such as name, marital status, address, or current or past employment
Non-existent criminal records on the background check report such as sexual assault, arrests, felony, and various misdemeanors
Incorrect public record information such as bankruptcies that you filed more than ten years ago or just never filed at all, or lawsuits that you were not involved in
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