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Despite an individual’s best efforts to manage debt, the time may come when a person requires professional assistance in order to obtain meaningful debt relief. The reality is that a growing number of people turn to qualified, experienced St. Petersburg debt consolidation lawyers for assistance. If you are a candidate for debt consolidation, our attorneys at Boss Law are available to provide you with the counsel and legal help you need.

An Overview of Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation provides one avenue through which a person can obtain debt relief. Through debt consolidation, a debtor is able to bring together individual debts or liabilities into one loan. Rather than dealing with innumerable creditors, a person is left in a position of having to deal with one payment each month. Depending on your unique situation, this can lead to lower overall monthly payments and manageable debt.

Debt consolidation may be right for you if any of the following is true:

You are at least one month behind on your bills or underwater on your mortgage.
You regularly spend more each month than you make, damaging your savings.
You have many lines of credit to meet every month.
You use your credit card for everyday expenses instead of emergencies.
How Our St. Petersburg Debt Consolidation Attorney Can Help

In the process of structuring a consolidation, a skilled attorney may be able to obtain additional relief for a consumer. For example, a lawyer may be able to obtain an agreement from individual creditors whereby accumulated late fees and penalties are waived. This can end up saving a consumer a considerable amount of money.

Below, we expand upon debt consolidation for different types of debt:

Credit Card Debt: With changes to the law in 2005, consumers face bigger challenges obtaining relief from credit card debt through bankruptcy. For this reason, consolidation and the professional assistance of a qualified St. Petersburg attorney represents a solid alternative for a person who amasses unmanageable credit card debt.

Student Loan Debt: Media reports over the course of the past couple of years make it clear that defaults and late payments on student loan debt is becoming evermore commonplace. Consequently, more and more people with student loan debt are finding themselves in need of professional intervention. Whatever the nature of your financial burden, it is extremely important to understand that student loan debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. With the help of an attorney, consumers can seek alternatives to bankruptcy to manage overwhelming student loan debt.

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