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Hurricane Business Interruption Claims Lawyers

Many natural calamities such as hurricanes and floods are destructive enough to demolish a property in just a few hours. If you are a realtor or a business owner, a business interruption policy can cover you from the disastrous damages that these devastating natural forces might cause.

However, it is not infrequent that insurance companies lowball or deny business interruption claims in bad faith, victimizing you twice for the damage you already sustained. Call the expert insurance lawyers at Boss Law today: we’re here to assist you to receive the just compensation for all your losses.

How might insurance companies try to deny your claim?

If you live in a state such as North Carolina, Florida, Louisiana or Texas, you know very well that disastrous calamities such hurricanes occur quite frequently. Many realtors use a business insurance coverage to indemnify themselves against losses resulting from the income lost during the disaster or the restoration period. 

Other types of insurance such as “Extended business interruption” and “Contingent business interruption” also provide additional coverage for physical damage occurred to their properties, or the property of suppliers of their products. Even if you have been diligent in paying your premium, an unscrupulous insurance company might try not to pay what they owe you. 

Some of the misleading tactics used by insurance companies to dodge paying for your losses include:

  • Quantification issues: the insurer will argue that your claim is overstating the actual loss you sustained.
  • Coverage issues: the insurer will argue over the policy coverage and refuse to pay for assets that are not allegedly covered by the policy.
  • Engineering issues: the insurer will deny or lowball your repair expenses arguing that there were faster or cheaper alternatives.
  • Timing issues: the insurer will try to delay the payment or processing of your claim for no reasons other than to buy some additional time.

Why a lawyer is important to avoid business interruption claim denials

Business interruption claims are usually one of the most complex and significant types of insurance claims, and there are many loopholes that the insurer will try to exploit. Seeking counsel from a competent insurance attorney is strongly advised, and it’s often a mandatory requirement if you want to collect a reward.

Many policies usually include coverage for “professional fees” and “claim preparation costs,” so there’s a high chance that any fee you will need to pay to our lawyers to prepare your claim will be covered. It’s not infrequent that insurance brokers offer the services of forensic accountants affiliated with them. Don’t get fooled though: it’s useless to say how partial they often are. Seeking the counsel of an independent firm is crucial if you need to litigate a denied or lowballed insurance claim.

A skilled lawyer will help you in many ways, including:

  • Helping you recover an adequate amount of money to cover your losses instead of settling for pennies.
  • Submit a preliminary claim as soon as possible.
  • Correctly manage the expectations to assess and predict the final recovery properly.
  • Collect all the documents, invoices, evidence and data required to back up your claim in court.
  • Collect hard evidence on all the losses you incurred into, and back them up with financial statements, purchase orders, wages payrolls, and company budgets and forecasts.
  • Deal with all third-party sources of information that could help strengthen your claims, such as media reporters, local authorities and independent engineers and contractors.

Boss Law is here to help you

We at Boss Law fought for decades against insurance companies that do not play by the rules. We handled many business interruption claim disputes on behalf of clients who faced serious losses as a consequence of a natural disaster. We know how to deal with the most unscrupulous insurer, and possess all the skill and knowledge to avoid their tricks and misleading tactics.

Call us today at (877) 310-0453, or fill our contact form, and one of our attorneys will call you back to review your insurance policy and discuss your legal options. Our consultations are free, without obligation and totally confidential. Do not wait further; together we will win in court. 

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