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Hurricane and Tropical Storm Damage Claims Lawyers

Hurricanes and tropical storms are destructive natural forces with the power to demolish a house in just a few hours. Many people think they can insure their property against damage to find some peace of mind if one of such natural disasters occur. However, many insurance companies often deny or lowball legitimate property damage claims, leaving them to deal with the loss with nothing but a few pennies.

If you have been victimized twice by an unscrupulous insurer, the skilled hurricane claim dispute attorneys at Boss Law are here to help you. Call us now to get a free, fully confidential, no-obligation consultation today.

How might insurance companies try to deny your claim?

If you live in a state such as Florida, Texas, North Carolina or Louisiana, you will know that natural disasters such as hurricanes occur frequently enough.

Losing your home because of a tropical wind or water storm is a financially and emotionally devastating experience. However, an insurance company can force you to endure this unbearable pain twice by denying your claim for the damage you incurred to your property. Even if you paid your premium diligently, month after month, they might try not to play by the rules and find some excuse to lowball your compensation.

Usually, insurance companies will try to dodge paying for your losses by using these tactics:

  • Make misleading or downright false statements to you about your property.
  • Delay the processing or payment of your claim for no apparent reason.
  • Tell you that you do not need a lawyer to resolve your claim to strong-arm you into a bad settlement.
  • Refuse to pay some damage claiming that your property was not appropriately maintained or that the damage was pre-existent.
  • Require a signed release of any supplemental claims as a condition of your settlement or payment.

What you can do to prevent a property damage denial

There are many ways you can prepare yourself to prevent or reduce the risk of dealing with wrong or unjust property damage claim denials. Lack of adequate maintenance, wear and tear over time, or any other damage that existed before you bought your property or before the storm hit it won’t be covered by most (if not all) insurance policies.

Here are a few tips collected by our expert lawyers to increase your chances of collecting a fair reward:

  • Inspect your property regularly (especially your roof) to actively avoid denials for preexisting damage.
  • Have any important document within reach at any given moment, and protect the most vulnerable ones in a safe place that is not exposed to natural disaster risk.
  • Review your insurance coverage to understand how your policy will handle any potential maintenance issue.
  • Take many “before” and “after” photos and video footages of your property to document the damage occurred.
  • Accurately document how you actively tried to prevent damage to your property by tying furniture down an boarding up windows, for example.
  • Show how you mitigated further damage after the storm by covering up with tarps.
  • Collect all receipts for purchases of items of furniture that has been damaged by the hurricane.
  • Bring in a professional to make all repairs both before and after the storm, and ask him to provide an assessment and estimate for insurance purposes.

Why Our Legal Team can make the difference

The experienced lawyers at Boss Law are not new to hurricane and tropical storm damage insurance claim disputes and lawsuits. We have fought against insurance companies who tried to find any loophole to pay as little as possible, and we successfully recovered millions on behalf of our clients.

We will review your insurance poly and property damage free of charge, and we do not turn down any case regardless of its strength. If a natural disaster wrecked your house, mobile house, commercial property, residential, or condo in Florida, Texas, North Carolina or Louisiana, call us now at (877) 310-0453, or fill our contact form. Together we will win in court.

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