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How Can I Cancel a Real Estate Contract in Florida?

Buying or selling property is a huge decision. Life can take unexpected turns, though, and sometimes you might need to back out of a real estate agreement. In The Sunshine State’s booming property market, this can be especially tricky. Whether you’re a buyer with cold feet, a seller with a change of heart, or a realtor caught in the middle, understanding how to cancel a real estate contract in Florida is important.

Buyers: Know Your Escape Routes

Imagine finding your dream home, signing the paperwork, and then… things change. Florida law doesn’t give you an automatic “out,” but the contract itself usually spells out when and how you can back out. Most Florida contracts include an inspection period. The standard Florida FAR/BAR contract states that the Buyer will have a certain period of time (as determined by the terms of the contract) to inspect the property. The contract states that if the buyer determines, at their sole discretion, that the property is not acceptable, the buyer may terminate the contract by giving written notice to the seller before the end of the inspection period.

Here’s a handy checklist for buyers:

  • Read the contract carefully.
  • Meet all deadlines for inspections and financing.
  • Keep records of any communication or issues that could be a contract breach.
  • Talk to a real estate lawyer to protect your rights and ensure a smooth cancellation.

Sellers: Second Thoughts Happen

Maybe you get a better offer, or maybe you realize you’re not quite ready to part with your home. Unfortunately, Florida law doesn’t allow sellers to just change their minds. You’ll typically need to rely on the buyer breaching the contract or on a specific cancellation clause in your agreement. Here’s what sellers should do:

  • Check the timing and terms of your contract.
  • See if the buyer has breached any terms in the agreement or if there’s a way to use a cancellation clause.
  • If there’s no clear way out, try negotiating a mutual cancellation with the buyer.
  • Get a lawyer involved to make sure everything is done correctly and to avoid any lawsuits.

Realtors: Guiding the Way Through the Process

As a realtor, you’re there to help both buyers and sellers understand the tricky world of contracts and cancellations. To be a great advisor, you need to stay on top of Florida’s real estate laws:

  • Keep up to date on the latest legal requirements and market trends.
  • Write clear contracts that protect your client’s interests. Make sure your clients understand the terms they are agreeing to, as well as any deadlines in the contract. 
  • Help buyers and sellers communicate and negotiate effectively while following all legal requirements.
  • Fight for clear and fair termination clauses that cover different situations and seek professional guidance from your trusted real estate lawyer.

Considering Canceling a Real Estate Contract? Seek Legal Guidance First

Whether as a buyer, seller, or realtor, the process of canceling a real estate contract in Florida is intricate, demanding a detailed understanding of the law, clear communication, and strategic planning. In such critical moments, the support of expert legal counsel becomes not just beneficial but necessary. 

At Boss Law, our seasoned real estate attorneys are equipped with the knowledge and experience to guide all parties through the cancellation process. We understand the stakes involved and work diligently to ensure that every action taken is in your best interest, minimizing risks and protecting your future. If you find yourself contemplating the cancellation of a real estate contract, or simply seek to understand your rights and options, we invite you to reach out at (727) 877-3188


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