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Ocwen Mortgage Harassment Lawyers

If you have been harassed by Ocwen and its subsidiaries over an alleged foreclosure or late payments, contact our legal team today to help save your home. The mortgage services provider is known for botching its basic functions including properly crediting payments or sending accurate monthly statements. They also repeatedly violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) with unwanted calls and threats.

Our team of debt relief lawyer successfully sued Ocwen over harassment and illegal debt collection practices many times already. Contact us now to avoid an unwanted foreclosure, stop their calls and you may be eligible to receive proper financial compensation  — harassing calls may be worth up to $1500 per call!

Fight for your rights against debt collector harassment

Ocwen sold off the servicing rights to loans to debt collectors who employ all kind of unlawful tactics in order to collect your money. In many cases, the loan company made several mistakes in borrowers’ records and escrow accounts.

On top of that, they frequently violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) with constant harassing and obnoxious calls. These statutes are in place to protect your rights, and our attorneys may assist you in fighting against illegitimate claims, illegal foreclosure and harassment tactics.

If you received a letter from Ocwen, don’t pay anything and call us immediately. There’s a chance that they may owe you money instead.

Some of the violations a debt collector may commit are:

  • Call you too often, too early (before 8:00 AM) or too late (after 9:00 PM)
  • Make use of robocallers and auto-dialers
  • Disclose your private information to other companies or people
  • Threaten you with offensive or abusive language
  • Keep calling you after you requested them to stop
  • Ask you to pay an incorrect debt
  • Provide misleading or false reasons for denying loan changes or modifications
  • Charge improper fees
  • Fail to adhere to national standards for servicing loans
  • Target you with fraudulent foreclosure attempts

Ocwen Financial Corp. and its Subsidiaries

Ocwen Loan Servicing is one of the largest and most known mortgage lenders in the United States. It offers services including collections, foreclosure and loss mitigation. It operates as a subsidiary of Ocwen Financial Corp. The other subsidiaries include:

  • Ocwen Mortgage Servicing
  • Ocwen Financial Solutions Private Limited
  • Ocwen Business Solutions
  • Homeward Residential
  • Liberty Home Equity Solutions

The parent company can be found at:

Ocwen Financial Corporation

  • 12001 Science Drive Suite 110,
  • Orlando
  • Florida
  • United States – 32827

Customer Support Phone Numbers

  • Phone: +1 561-682-8000
  • Phone 2: +1 888-656-3672
  • Fax: +1 561-682-8183
  • Fax 2: +1 561-682-8154

Do I have a case against Ocwen?

To date, the number of consumers who complained about Ocwen’s unethical behaviors and error-plagued operations is so high, that many states and governmental agencies had to take action. In April 2017, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) filed a large litigation against Ocwen Financial Corporation. The bureau argues that the loan service provider made continuous use of fraudulent shortcuts and runarounds to willfully scam borrowers at every stage of the loan servicing process.

According to their claim, they illegally foreclosed on borrowers, sent inaccurate and misleading statements and ignored customer complaints, costing many people their homes. As a consequence, a total of 22 state mortgage regulators took action against Ocwen over “willful and ongoing unlicensed activity.” The mortgage service provider has been sanctioned, and its activity was suspended, including its right to foreclosure. In some states, a cease-and-desist order has been issued, and the company is now prohibited from acquiring new mortgages.

Back in 2013, Ocwen already paid a $2.2 billion settlement to provide cash payouts to struggling borrowers or those who lost their homes to foreclosure.

Our Legal Team can make the difference

Our team of experienced debt relief lawyers is here to fight this battle on your side. Together we will evaluate your case and your rights, as well as all the precaution you might take to protect your home from foreclosure. After we collect enough evidence to put these unfair debt collectors’ backs to the wall, we will may sue them and bring your case to court.

If you have been targeted by Ocwen and its subsidiaries’ harassing tactics, don’t give up. Let us provide our assistance in relieving you from the burden of debt. Our legal team was already commended by Super Lawyers® after winning many similar cases in federal and state courts across the country.

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