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Navient Student Loans Lawsuit

Are you receiving unwanted phone calls and text messages from Navient about an alleged student loan debt you owe them?

You may receive a significant monetary compensation

How to Protect Yourself Against Navient Harassment

Many debt collector agencies resort to unfair or misleading methods to collect money from consumers. They harass, make false threats and use several scams to unlawfully scare people who owe them money. Navient is a student loan servicer who is known for violating people’s privacy and federal consumer protection laws such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

In the United States, all consumers are protected from these fraudulent tactics by several laws and statutes. If you are a victim of Navient’s aggressive debt collection strategies and harassment, Boss Law is here to assist you. Our skilled attorneys are here to help you protect your rights and receive just financial compensation.

Navient Unwanted Phone Calls: What’s Illegal Under the Law?

Various statutes and laws protect your rights whenever a debt collector from Navient starts harassing you. Many harassment lawsuits usually involve an agency that crossed the line of what is deemed “fair communication,” such as threatening, annoying or committing other forms of abuse.

The TCPA protects consumers from debt collectors who make unfair use of automated messages, telephone solicitations and robocalls to annoy or bother them. Using computer-generated messages that contain a pre-recorded message or artificial voice is an unacceptable practice which is now sanctioned. Even SMS used to contact multiple lists of people are interpreted as robocallers.

If a debt collector uses misleading, aggressive or obnoxious strategies to inform a consumer about his or her debt, our lawyers will assist you in collecting evidence against them and file a lawsuit. You may receive up to $1,000 per each violation committed by the company.

You can request compensation if Navient did:

  • Use any form of verbal or physical violence against you
  • Use profane or offensive language
  • Request you to pay more than you actually owe
  • Call you early in the morning (before 8:00 AM) or late at night (after 9:00 PM)
  • Inform third parties (including family and colleagues) about your debt
  • Constantly harass you after you sent a written request to cease
  • Publish your private information anywhere
  • Misrepresent your current debt
  • Threaten legal action or using false information to damage your credit report. 
  • Use an auto-dialer program or robocaller to leave a computer-generated message
  • Keep calling you after you have been put in a “do-not-call” list
  • Send unsolicited text messages or faxes

Can I Sue Navient for TCPA Violations?

Navient has a reputation for committing many violations against the TCPA and other statutes. In 2017,a court from Pittsburgh ruled that the student loan company harassed a man in an effort to have the man repay his student loans and awarded him $300,000 in compensation. In 2017 and 2018 he U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and several state attorneys general from Pennsylvania, Washington, California, Mississippi, and Illinois sued Navient for harming consumers with fraudulent tactics.

If you want to increase your chances of successfully suing Navient, you must document evidence of their violations. Here are some steps you should follow to document violations:

  • Save all text and voice messages 
  • Keep a written record of all the text messages and calls received, including the caller’s identity, the date and time of the call, and a brief summary of the conversation or message.
  • Do not delete your caller ID record
  • Keep a copy of any written requests to revoke your consent to receive calls

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If you have been unjustly treated by an unscrupulous debt collector and need to be relieved by the burden of debt, call Boss Law today. We will fight this legal battle together until we will secure victory.

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