Citibank Harassment Lawsuit

Citibank Harassment Lawsuit

Is Citibank harassing you with unwanted and obnoxious phone calls to collect a debt? The famous credit card dealer is known to employ unfair or overly aggressive tactics to oppress consumers who owe them money.

However, laws are in place to prohibit debt collectors from using abusive, deceptive or unfair practices against consumers, and our debt relief lawyers are here to help you enforce them. If you have been a victim of the overly aggressive strategies employed by CitiBank, you might be eligible for a large cash compensation.

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We’re here to protect you against debt collector harassment

If Citibank harassed you with repeated or intrusive phone calls, there are many laws in place to safeguard your rights. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), are federal statutes that establish the limits within debt collectors might communicate with customers. Thanks to these laws, you can sue this bank and request a payment of up to $1,500 for each obnoxious call received.

If this financial institute used a deceptive or abusive tactics to oppress you because of a late payment, you can file a lawsuit. Our team of skilled attorney will explain you your rights and assist you in collecting the evidence required to prove their violations to a Florida court.

To avoid taking unnecessary risks when dealing with a credit card debt, we want to provide you with a few words of advice:

  • Do not communicate with the bank when not in the presence of your attorney
  • Never pay a debt if you’re not sure you owe it unless you spoke to a lawyer
  • Request tangible evidence proving your debt, such as documents or files
  • Find out if your credit record was modified or altered
  • Do not disclose your private information, especially your social security number
  • Collect all evidence which may prove that you have been a victim of harassment
  • Send a formal request to Discover asking them to stop the calls

Phone Numbers Citibank Uses

Do I have a case against Citibank?

It is not uncommon for clients of Citibank to end up filing an harassment lawsuits after receiving hundreds of unnecessary calls at inappropriate hours.According to court documents, plaintiffs sued the bank after receiving calls which used an automatic telephone dialing system, violating the TCPA and the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act.

If Citibank targeted you with any form of harassment in order to collect a debt, you might be eligible for a reward. Our lawyers will assist you in suing if they committed any of these violations:

  • Request you to pay the money you did not owe
  • Used robocallers and auto-dialers to communicate with you
  • Called you several times a day or after you formally requested them to cease
  • Employed deceptive or misleading tactics to communicate your debt
  • Used abusive, offensive, obscene or threatening language
  • Called during inappropriate hours (before 8:00 AM or after 9:00 PM)
  • Offered fraudulent settlements or illegal solutions to pay off your debt
  • Provided your private information to any third party
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Our team of competent debt relief attorneys will relentlessly fight to protect your rights. We are here to help you take all possible precautions against deceptive or fraudulent strategies employed by unscrupulous creditors, including Discover Bank. Together, we will build your case from the investigation process to presenting it to a court in Florida.

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