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What Is the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is considered one of the first privacy statutes in the US. It is a federal statute that regulates the use of people’s sensitive personal information for matters like employment screening, credit underwriting, and insurance underwriting. The intent behind the FCRA is to not only ensure fair…
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The Real Impact of Identity Theft

There are many people aware of the existence of identity theft, but not many people know all of the negative impacts. Many assume it is as simple as being charged from a different state or a lack of security in their home wifi, but it can be far more aggressive…
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Top 5 Weirdest Credit Report Errors

Credit report errors aren’t as rare of an occurrence as you may think. Even the smallest of errors can become a detriment to your credit and your financial situation. In this blog, we’ll show you a few examples of people that became victims of credit report errors, and how they…
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How does bankruptcy affect your credit report?

Depending on your financial situation, bankruptcy may be your only option to find some relief from your overwhelming debts, but it will affect your credit for a lot of time. Although it may help you get rid of your financial commitments and reorganize your debt, this legal proceeding will be…
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Credit Overhaul Helps Millions Improve Their Credit Scores

In 2017, several major credit reporting agencies announced a plan to overhaul how negative information is handled on credit reports. Up to 8 million American consumers unknowingly enjoyed the benefits of this unexpected change, and saw their credit scores jump by up to 40 points. According to the New York Federal…
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How Can I Fix My Credit Score?

How Can I Fix My Credit Score? If you have damaged credit, you may be wondering if there is any way that it can be fixed quickly so that you can, for example, apply for a loan. You may be surprised to learn that there are ways to clean up…
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